See what people are saying about the book...

“…a vital reference tool for years to come.”

That’s how top financial blogger Roger Wohlner describes 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions, Christopher Carosa’s latest book. 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions covers all areas of fiduciary liability and representations a valuable resource for 401(k) plan sponsors, their service providers and even those more sophisticated plan participants, who may find the book a helpful guide for advice on how to actively monitor plan performance and regulatory compliance.

The author explains the purpose of 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions in this way, “In an economy that demands focused attention, 401k plan sponsors need to focus on their business, not their employee benefits. Ironically, this same economic environment provides an ideal opportunity to create a retirement plan that can best help employees retire in comfort. Companies that achieve this ideal will find it easier to hire quality employees. How can 401k plan sponsors balance these two opposing forces? The answer most likely lies not within the walls of the company, but in its ability to outsource certain key fiduciary duties to recognized leaders in the fiduciary service industry.”

Mr. Carosa, chief contributing editor of, has written more than 300 articles on fiduciary and investing topics. He has been a successful investment and portfolio manager for three decades and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others facing the same compliance issues as he does. In his recently published book, 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions, Carosa covers all 401k compliance issues in a single reference source.

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