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401(k) Fiduciary Solutions – The Best Opportunity for 401(k) Plan Sponsors to Monitor Plan Compliance, Plan Investments and Share the Fiduciary Burden with Experienced Professionals

What if I told you you can now get the best insights from some of the leading experts in the 401k industry – regulators, academic and professionals – all in one, easy to read format? Would you be interested? What if I also told you the material is organized in a way consistent with each separate area of concern a 401k fiduciary might have? Would you be even more interested? Finally, what if I said you could browse under the hood of this special volume at no cost? What would you say to that?

Click here for free 34 page sneak peek of 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions

And you thought you’d never get something for nothing! For a limited time, we now giving our newsletter subscribers access to the first 34 pages of 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions. This 300+ page combines some of the best articles – reordered and edited for better understanding – with more original content to produce a handbook unlike you’ve ever seen. The book cites some of the same experts we interview regularly in and offers the reader the option of either reader individual self-contained sections or straight through. There’s even new material – checklists – for practitioners and plan sponsors alike to use. But, why say more. Judge for yourself. Here’s a sneak-peek (click here to see it).

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