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What Others Are Saying About Christopher Carosa’s

401(k) Fiduciary Solutions:

If you’re in and around the 401(k) world, you know who Chris Carosa, CFTA, is. And if you don’t you should… Chris now has put it all together in his new book, 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions, which covers all 401(k) compliance issues (and how to deal with them), in a single reference source.

– from the April 27, 2012 Retirement Plan Blog, by Jerry Kalish, President, National Benefit Services, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

The collection of material Mr. Carosa has compiled in 401(k) Fiduciary Solutions is nothing short of extraordinary. Chris digs deeply into an expansive set of topics to extract the practical insights diligent fiduciaries can use on a daily basis as they work with their retirement plans.”

– Mike Alfred, Co-Founder & CEO, BrightScope, Inc., San Diego, California

In four acts, nine sections, 76 chapters and 320 pages, Chris provides a treasure trove of practical and invaluable  information and insights for plan sponsors and financial advisors to 401(k) plans. If you wear either of these hats you MUST read this book.”

– Harold Evensky, CFP, AIF, President, Evensky & Katz, Miami, Florida

401(k) Fiduciary Solutions provides clear, concise, must-know information to help 401(k) plan sponsors successfully navigate their fiduciary responsibilities and truly serve the best interests of plan participants. Consistent with his stellar reputation as Chief Contributing Editor of, author Chris Carosa demonstrates a knack for cutting through the clutter of investment, administrative and regulatory issues plan sponsors face to uncover the essence of what the reader needs to know and points to great resources for more information.”

– Blaine F. Aikin, CEO, fi360, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What sets this book apart from others I’ve seen in this space is the thoroughness of Chris’s research, the variety of experts interviewed, and the breadth and depth of the topics covered. Additionally, the book flows seamlessly from expert to expert and topic to topic. If you are a plan sponsor or in any way provide service and advice to plan sponsors this is a must-have book for your library.”

– Roger Wohlner, Co-founder, Retirement Fiduciary Advisors, Arlington Heights, IL.

Provocative yet conversational, Chris Carosa’s book will terrify plan fiduciaries before guiding them on a simple path out of the darkness.”

– Jan Sackley, Fraud Examiner, PI, Fiduciary Consultant, Fiduciary Foresight, LLC, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Candid and forthright, Mr. Carosa proves he writes what he knows. The pithy and concise narrative translates the technicalities of the 401(k) fiduciary area into a relatable expertise.”

– Jenny Ivy, Managing Editor,, Denver, Colorado

Having now spent about half my professional life writing and editing the writing of others in the retirement plan industry, I can tell you that EVERYONE has one good column in them, but frequently only one.  To craft, as Chris Carosa has on a regular basis, information on a complex subject that is readable, timely, and instructive — as well as occasionally controversial — is a rare gift.”

– Nevin E. Adams, JD, Director, Education and External Relations, Employee Benefit Research Institute, Washington, D.C.

Christopher Carosa’s work is highly regarded in the retirement community. His new book should serve as an essential reference for any plan sponsor or advisor who aspires to a higher fiduciary standard.”

– Kerry Pechter, Editor and publisher, Retirement Income Journal, Emmaus, Pennsylvania

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